Rewilding Practices and Sustainability in Farming

Loveday & Partners, along with the sustainable portfolio team headed by Pheobe Stone from LGT Wealth Management donned wellies and outdoor clothing to learn more about sustainability and rewilding practices in farming.  This unique event for Loveday clients and professional contacts was hosted by Olly Birbeck, the estate owner of and the founder and trustee of WildEast.  Olly showed us around his farm and explained to us how by changing farming practices biodiversity can be improved and wildlife can once again thrive.  It was such a treat and both Olly and Phoebe spoke passionately about the subject.

Olly explained how by mixing the use of land between crops and livestock each can benefit while reducing intensive farming. Wide hedge rows and fallow land around the edge of fields offers wildlife, both animals and insects, to flourish and importantly move around the countryside. We even learnt how modern technology is used to pinpoint the location of ground nesting birds allowing farming to go on without disturbing their nests and chicks.

Due to the extent of human damage to biodiversity sometimes nature needs a helping hand to regenerate so we dug in and planted some saplings to provide shelter and protection.

Before we headed out on to the land Olly explained how we had got into such a predicament and how fragile a situation we now find ourselves. Pheobe gave us an insight on how biodiversity features in sustainable investing and how by using technology companies can begin to make changes for the good – and be held accountable!

We can all help with regeneration it may be as simple as letting part of our garden go wild. WildEast ( is passionate about preserving biodiversity by adopting sustainable farming principles and encouraging people and businesses in the East to provide their support by giving up land to enable wildlife to thrive.

If you would like more information, please look at the WildEast website or by contacting the team at L&P.

Please get involved!



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