Well done, Jonathan on completing the charity ride for the Charity Ferblanc on 8 September. Lets hope you have leg hairs soon for winter cycling!!


In preparation, he plans a sponsored leg wax the week before.  Whilst cycling is not new to Jonathan, leg waxing is.  Rumours are that it is the latter that he is more worried about than pedalling 560 kilometres in four days, with 170 kilometres on Day Three alone.  The plan is to raise much need funds by cycling from Champagne (France) to Croxton (nr Thetford) on what will be the final leg of a 15 year adventure covering 8 epic Etaps and, so far, £328,844 in funds raised for Ferblanc!!


Ferblanc uses donations for neurological research with recent examples being two projects. The first “Metabolic Control of Brain Ageing in Progressive Multiple Sclerosis” at the Department of Neurosciences in Cambridge. The second a study on “Dementia with Lewy Bodies (DLB)” at the Department of Old Age Psychiatry. DLB patients get the memory symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and symptoms of Parkinson’s disease such as tremor and stiffness. It was the frustrations of DLB that tragically provoked the suicide of the great actor and comedian Robin Williams, when so little was known about his condition, just seven years ago!



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